Jugend Rettet IUVENTA is a network of young Europeans. Together we bought and converted a ship. With that ship - our IUVENTA - we're doing what governments fail to do: rescuing people in maritime distress.
We educate about the situation on the Mediterranean and search for solutions. Here you can find information on our work.


Never before had drowned as many refugees on the central Mediterranean route as in last year. 4579 times any aid was too late, only accounting the registered deaths.
We can hardly imagine the real numbers of people lost.
And still: Europe takes no responsibility for this suffering at it's borders. There is still no government lead rescue program. Instead there are plans to keep refugees in camps in Libya. Refugees described the conditions in those camps as degrading and cruel.

Our Ideals


With our ship, the IUVENTA, we are rescuing people in maritime distress since July 24th 2016. In 2016 we managed to carry out 7 rescue missions and save 6,526 lives. We continued our missions March 2017. Our IUVENTA is a concrete field of action and a symbol simultaneously. We ourselves are active and make a change. We're showing that it's possible to do something against the dying. We are breaking through the sensation of powerlessness which is dominating politics.


As young Europeans we cannot - and don't want to - accept the status quo of the European asylum policies. Of the political actors we demand to ease the distress of refugees and to offer practical help. We need a program focussing on rescue from maritime emergency and we need to decriminalise the seek for asylum and refugees.
Instead people are kept away from 'Fortress Europe' by newly built walls and are generally restricted in their mobility - we oppose those measures.


With our network of ambassadors we're building a platform for young people to exchange national and European positions on asylum policies and maritime rescue missions on a long-term basis. The organisation is engaged in the concrete and highly symbolic actions of our ship on the one hand, and providing a political platform on the other hand: our network of embassies.

With our IUVENTA we are patrolling on the central Mediterranean route since July 2016 near Libyan territorial waters. We search for boats in maritime distress and put the people in safety. On board of the IUVENTA we provide First Aid as well as water and food.
In our first year of action 2016 we carried out 7 missions in which we rescued 6,526 people from risk of death.


Besides our rescue missions we want to take a stand against the status quo of European asylum policies with our European network of embassies. We are counting on young Europeans to engage in political work. As a young generation we want to actively create a society worth living in. Together we raise awareness for the disgraceful situation on our outer borders and on the Mediterranean and mobilise supporters in all of Europe. We want to put pressure on state actors to enforce the fundamental right on life and security even on the Mediterranean.

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